It’s not just us that think PlayDuvet® is great! Click on the links below to see what other people have to say about us...



  • "Brilliant service from PlayDuvet my stuff arrived 24 hours after placing the order and now Sam has a safe place to play without us having to worry about the stone tiles in the floor"

Fiona, Mum to Sam


  • "I couldn’t wait to use it, I was so excited! The whole family love it, my husband and I were laying on it as soon as we put it together, while Lili was asleep on the sofa!"

Bethan, Mum to Lili, 9 weeks


  • "We love it. Having a hardwood floor I for one find it great as it allows me to lie and interact at Poppy’s level in comfort! We are looking forward to Poppy exploring the duvet as she gets more mobile and spending many happy hours playing together."

Peter, Dad to Poppy, 4 months


  • "We’ve had our PlayDuvet for over 6 months now and I would like to share some great times we have had on it.

    Whilst Henry was learning to walk it was a great place for him to attempt his first steps and tumble over without hurting himself. When we had a Friday afternoon of mummies, it was perfect for all the babies to roll on and mingle in together whilst the mummies sat back to have a cheeky glass of afternoon vino - it was a great afternoon had by all! We used it at Henrys first birthday party which proved great for those really little ones that couldn't roam around but still wanted to be part of the fun and over Christmas it was a really good way of having a play area for Henry so that when visitors came they didn't feel they were sitting on the floor to play with him. We also recently took it to a family gathering, knowing there would be a fair few under 5’s. It was just a life saver! A place for them all to play and keep all their toys in one area so the adults could enjoy their time together... perfect! Thank you PlayDuvet! x"

Hannah, Mum to Henry, 19 months

  • "Zak and Lily love playing on their PlayDuvet. They discovered the scrunchy shapes and squeakers pretty quickly, their little faces lit up with joy and they enjoyed winding the dog up with them :/ Its such a large, soft comfy surface for the children to explore and I love how easy it is to clean! Just stick it in the washing machine which is a god send as our Golden Retriever Hunny likes sneaking onto it for a snooze LOL! A must have for all parents, brilliant value for money as it will last you right through to toddler years and beyond"

Katie, Mum to Zak and Lily